Sunday, April 14, 2013

Garth Peder Jensen: Biographies, Writings, Obituary, miscellany

A few years ago, I asked my cousin Ami Griffiths to help my grandfather Garth Peder Jensen to write up a short biography for my genealogy records.  She graciously obliged, sitting with Grandpa and recording a short history.  This is the wonderful result.

Grandpa was working on a massive biography, which he left unfinished, but in the capable hands of his daughter Sandi Jensen Griffiths.  I anxiously await it's completion.  But until then, this is a good short history of a wonderful man.

A page was written about 'Bishop Jensen' belonging to a history.  I would guess that it's the history of the Northridge 1st ward, in which Garth served as bishop, or of the stake.  His page is numbered as page 27, but only this page was handed down to posterity and no other reference is found on it.  Here is the page:

In his later years, Grandpa asked me to illustrate a story he had written.  He gave me total discretion and asked that it become a children's story.  I made extensive changes to it to shorten it, and illustrated it using Grandpa and my husband and son as models.  And yes, I am the granddaughter pictured, to whom he is telling his bedtime story.  Grandpa ordered over one hundred copies which he passed out to his family and friends.  The photo below is the cover of the paperback book.  Here is a link to where it may be seen online:

Here is the original story he wrote.  Please forgive the scribbled notations I made in preparation to illustrate it.

Garth's obituary can be found at  Thanks to an unknown 'Annie' for posting it. 

Thanks to Garth's daughter Darla, you can listen to Garth's funeral at

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